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The Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilisations

Hello! My name is Vincent. For many years I have been interested in the sacred knowledge of ancient civilizations and the meaning of life, the universe and all that is. In my research I have read many books, surfed the web and watched many videos about Celtic, Egyptian and Mayan history. I have also studied the different religions and practiced Yoga and Qi gong, Geomancy (Feng Shui) and Dowsing.

This is my attempt to summarize what I have learned about the meaning of life, the universe and the creation of all that is, starting with Sacred Geometry. The term "Sacred Geometry" is used by stone masons, architects and archaeologists to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual practices that use the golden Ratio Phi (1x1.618...) in their symbols and in the construction of public buildings, stone megaliths, temples, pyramids and cathedrals.

Sacred Geometrical shapes or pictures, when placed in the home or workplace, or engraved on jewelry, have shown positive effects on the body's energy field, and reduce the potential health hazards caused by electro-magnetic radiation from cellular phones, computers and other modern appliances.
In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures that incorporate geometrical proportions using the golden ratio of Phi.
* The Sphere Starting with what may be the simplest and most perfect of forms, the sphere is an ultimate expression of unity, completeness, and integrity. There is no point of view given greater or lesser importance, and all points on the surface are equally accessible. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets, and globular star systems all echo the spherical paradigm of total inclusion.

The circle is a two-dimensional shadow of the sphere which is regarded throughout cultural history as a symbol of oneness; the indivisible fulfillment of the Universe. All other symbols and geometries reflect various aspects of the profound perfection of the circle and sphere.

The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, Pi, is the original transcendental and irrational number. (Pi equals about 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028...) It cannot be expressed in terms of the ratio of two whole numbers, or in the language of sacred symbolism, the essence of the circle exists in a dimension that transcends the linear rationality that it contains. Our holistic perspectives, feelings and intuitions encompass the finite elements of the ideas that are within them, yet have a greater wisdom than can be expressed by those ideas alone.

* The Point At the center of a circle is always an infinitesimal point. The point needs no dimension, yet embraces all dimension. Transcendence of the illusions of time and space result in the point of here and now, our most primal point of consciousness. The proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" is being validated by the ever-increasing literature on so-called "near-death experiences". If our essence is truly spiritual omnipresence, then perhaps the "point" of our being "here" is to recognize the oneness we share, validating all "individuals" as equally precious and sacred aspects of that one.

Life as we know it is interwoven with geometric forms, from the angles of atomic bonds in the molecules of the amino acids, to the helical spirals of DNA. Our human bodies all developed with a common geometric progression from one to two to four to eight primal cells and beyond.

As far back as Greek Mystery schools 2500 years ago, we as a species were taught that there are five perfect 3-dimensional forms -The tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Collectively these are known as The Platonic Solids.

Modern scholars ridiculed this idea until the 1980's, when Professor Robert Moon at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements - literally everything in the physical world is based on these same five forms! In fact, throughout modern Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the sacred geometric patterns of creation are being rediscovered, but often without the greater context of spiritual understanding which protects against their misuse.
* The Five Elements Greek scientists and philosophers believed that nature counted four elements; earth, water, fire and air. The atoms were believed to be the building blocks of these four elements. Aristotle added the fifth element aether and postulated that planets and stars were made of this aether. Greek philosopher Plato, 350 years B.C., described these five elements and added that matter is created from the five Platonic solids that he described in his book Timaeus.

He equated the tetrahedron with the element fire, the cube with the earth, the icosahedron with water, the octahedron with air and the dodecahedron with the aether, the stuff of the planets and stars. We now know of course that there are far more elements in nature than the ones known in Greek antiquity. However, it is a well-known fact that the Platonic solids play a role in chemistry as the internal organization structures of molecules in many materials. For instance the Platonic solids show up in the organization of molecules of natural crystals.

Almost everywhere we look, the mineral intelligence embodied within crystalline structures follows a geometrical pattern. The lattice patterns of crystals all express the principles of mathematical perfection and repetition, defined by the angles, lengths and orientations of its atomic components.

Crystals and gold are often used in sacred ceremonies and holistic healing techniques because they enhance the body's electro-magnetic field-sometimes called the aura. They are also used in electronics.

* The Earth Grid Archaeologists have discovered from ancient Sumerian texts that the earth has a natural electromagnetic grid which is energized by the passage of the sun and moon. The lines of this grid are called Ley lines and they conform to the shapes of the platonic solids (Cube, tetrahedron, octahedron etc.) nestled within each other. The knowledge of this grid has been passed down through the ages by secret society's and religious orders.
All ancient civilizations constructed their holy temples, at specific earth grid locations using geometric proportions of the golden ratio Phi a.k.a. divine proportion (1x1.618...) to enhance the spiritual life of the community. Also their orientation with respect to sun, moon and stars was a critical consideration.

Buildings constructed at these junctions of two or more ley lines were imbued with supernatural power and the vibrations of ritual ceremonies accompanied by prayers, chants and hymns, were transmitted across the grid. The ancient Celts, Taoists, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and early Christians knew this, and chose these sites on which to build their stone circles, temples and pyramids - churches and cathedrals.

Many archaeologists and historians have postulated theories as to how our ancestors built these large ornate structures. However most of them have missed the point, because rational theories do not take into account the workings of the invisible world of subtle electromagnetic energies and spirit. They assume that our ancestors knew less than they, about the workings of the universe.

One case in recent history can throw some light on how these ancient builders were able to move large stones with ease. I refer to the builder of Coral Castle in Florida USA. A man called Edward Leedskalnin built this ornate structure by himself and always working at night. It is supposed that he did not want his neighbors to see how he moved these large stones, however working at night was an integral part of the process.

Also the strategic location of the castle was at the crossing point of Two Ley lines, one of which also passed through the Giza Pyramid in Egypt. It is beyond the scope of this article to give more details, however I will say that he constructed an anti-gravity device. You can find a host of videos on YouTube about Coral Castle for you consideration. (See links below).

The flower of life has been inscribed in ancient temples to preserve occult knowledge for future generations. Nested within the circle are the geometric forms of the platonic solids which have been shown to be the building blocks of all that God has created.
* Platonic Solids Although the Greek philosopher Plato has been credited with discovering Platonic solids, in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, they preserve the 5 Platonic solids carved out of stone dated at least a thousand years before Plato!
* The Fibonacci Number Sequence 1+1=2, 2+1=3... (2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc. is another fundamental measure that seems to crop up almost everywhere, from the proportions of animals, plants, monumental architecture and humans to the composition of ancient musical scales and instruments.
* Energy and form It is said that energy follows form and beauty is derived from symmetry. Platonic solids and the Phi ratio are symmetrical - they are the basic forms that construct matter and this knowledge originally came from the legendary Atlantis.
This spiral generated by a recursive nest of Golden Triangles (with relative side lengths of 1 and 1.618...) is the classic shape of the Nautilus shell. The spiral is natures path of least resistance. Many plants use this sequence to arrange their leaves – the seeds on the head of a sunflower are arranged in Fibonacci spirals.
Did you ever see the above fish symbol? The symbol is probably derived from the Vesica Pisces (left). It is the symbol of Christianity. The Holy Bible mentions that God created the light on the second day, the Vesica Pisces is now believed to be the geometry of a photon - the particle state of light! Also the astrological sign of Pisces is a fish.
* The Torus Scientist now have a different interpretation of the “Big Bang” - that the cosmos is evolving and revolving like the torus. The fall from paradise in the Garden of Eden started when the first torus shape was created. The separation from Oneness into the illusion of a physical world of seemingly separate parts.

It takes some imagination but have a look at the lines of the torus, doesn’t it look like the roots and branches of a tree? (The Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden). It is rather easy to see that the torus is also an apple shape. The snake that seduced Eve to eat the apple from the tree is the Phi spiral that describes the torus.

Sacred Geometrical shapes or pictures, when placed in the home or workplace, or engraved on jewelry, have shown positive effects on the body's energy field, and reduce the potential health hazards caused by Electro-Magnetic Radiation from cellular phones, computers and other modern appliances.

So how can you apply this knowledge? You can beautify your home and possessions with symbols and pictures of natural forms, landscapes and so on. Also checkout the reference links below.

Thank you for reading this and have a good day

Here are some samples of sacred geometry as art:
Metatron's cube